Personal development

Hi lovely readers :)

    This is my first blog and first post in the blogsphere, and I am very excited! I think it is only fair that I give you a taster of who I am. What better way to do that than letting you in on a lesson I picked up whilst out on my run tonight……
Nike lunarswift running shoes

My running shoes and an attempt at navigation

   I am currently training for a half marathon coming up in 2 weeks time. I follow a training plan I found online and this weekend is meant to be my longest run yet – 12 miles. So, I decided to stick to the plan and head out (after a hectic day) at 7:55 pm, just at dusk draws in.

   Armed with my ‘map’ of a new route I found on map my run and an bright orange high vis vest, I set out towards the country roads. Unfortunately by the time I got to mile 3 the only thing lighting up my route was moonlight. To make matters worse my map was so bad I might as well not have bothered. Needless to say I got lost.  I kept running down the road and feeling extremely grateful for my foresight of wearing the florescent vest which was probably the one thing keeping me from being roadkill :S

   It was this moment, in the midst of frustration (over my stupidity), uncertainty and fear that I realised this is exactly how most people felt about their lives, including myself. But tonight I was a girl on a mission. I had to complete my run. So I kept my head down, trusted my instincts and made my way through the countryside. I tripped and fell over twice but got right up and kept going. It wasn’t until I came across street lamps again that I realised I was well on my way past mile 8 and recognising my surroundings once again. I eventually did finish the 12 miles and arrived home safe and sound (bar a few scratches and bruises from the fall!)

  Tonight, I have learnt that many times in life we are faced with uncertainty and stress. However , regardless of the situation and the extent of our self doubt, we will have in our subconcious, something to pull us out of that uncomfortable place. Just dig deep and trust our instincts, stay alert to keep safe, and the way out will be presented to us 🙂 The funny thing is, earlier today I was feeling a little concerned about the future ( I have been thinking again) and this metaphor of an event couldn’t have come at a better time.

  So on a lighter note, I hope this has been some good food for thought. Feel free to leave me a nice comment if you so wish 🙂

Ps: Please do not go out running in the dark , at unfamiliar grounds and especially places with no people! Stay safe  xx


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