Fun stuff

Cool task manager!

Hi guys,

I apologise for not posting for a while. I caught a flu bug and hence spent a lot of quality time in my bed 🙂

I have recently downloaded an app for my android phone and feel that it is AMAZING!  It is called Wunderlist.

Wunderwhat? What is it?

It is a task manager that is a super version of your to do list.  At the moment it is available on various platforms : desktop, iphone, ipad and andriod phones. The beauty of it is we can sync our lists across the devices. This means that any additions of new tasks and information on one device will appear on the other platform once it is synced. So if I was on the go and used my phone to insert a new task, I can go home, sync the lists on my desktop and have the new task automatically added to my desktop lists!

Here is a link to a video introduction to the software, love the fact the guy states he only drinks tea because he is English 🙂



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