Cath Kidston inspired birthday cupcakes


A few of the 25 cakes that made up the selection. Taken in my trusty cupcake carrier.

My colleague Sarah was turning 30 this summer and wanted something special for her birthday cake. As an avid baker, I have been taking cakes into work quite often so she handed me the mighty task of making her birthday cake! Sarah is very feminine and naturally requested for very ladylike designs.

The cupcake display was made up of 25 vanilla butter cupcakes, iced with coloured butter icing and each cake decorated with either a sugar flower or a sugar butterfly. All the decorations were hand made by myself over a course of 2 weekends and 5 weeknights! Needless to say I was completely cake-ed out by the time I was done!

I recently attended a sugar flower making course by the master of sugar flower making – Alan Dunn. He is extremely skilled and have written many books on flower making. I took out a book of his from the local library as a reference to make my roses and caper flowers. The butterflies in the design are from Peggy Porchen’s book, Romantic Cakes. I have attached the photos of the books below……

Romantic Cakes

Peggy Porchen’s book

Alan Dunn’s book

 I hope this has inspired you, my lovely reader to give it a go too! I am an amateur baker and if I can pull this off, so can you! Good luck and have fun baking 🙂


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