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Diet drink for your dieting regime?

You get to the front of the line in McDonalds. You order your meal. The healthy wrap. Well done. You upgrade to a meal selection. You order a diet coke. Surely a diet version of our beloved sugary drinks is allowed even if I want to lose weight?

That is fine. Until……

Later that day you feel so pleased with yourself you celebrate with a slice of millionaires shortbread and latte. Um, what you just ate has more calories , fats and possibly sugar than the original diddly cup of sugary drink you are celebrating abstinence from. This is probably why diet drinks are not as effective in weight management as they logically should be.

In response to this article :


Before we begin, let me put this into context. The article stems from the idea of using diet drinks (ie. drinks that uses sucrose a.k.a. sugar substitutes like Aspartame, Ace K , Sucralose etc.) to tackle the obesity epidemic. We are talking about calorific values here, not the nutritional implications of artificial sweeteners.

Here is my summary of the argument presented in the article if you don’t have the time to read it.

Euromonitor International has suggested that low calorie drinks could encourage dieters to over-eat. They say that if anything, the correlation of those events are probably due to people compensating for excessive food intake. People who are planning to, or have over eaten use diet drinks as a “damage limitation measure”. (So in essence, they are still consuming more calories than they ought to, just trying to remove the accountability for that action! ) Their findings did not give solid proof that low calorie drinks are effective in weight management.

Personally I think artificial sweeteners are tolerable, but the type of sweetness that they impart is not as satisfying as that from sugar. It is a short-lived burst to intense sweet, whereas sucrose gives more of a complex rounded sweet flavour. But hey, I suspect that I am slightly intolerant to artificial sweeteners, so I am naturally biased 🙂 Think about it and decide for yourself which side of the fence you are on!

PS: I am not in any way attacking sugary drinks, I have no problems with people consuming them, just do it in moderation!


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