Fun stuff

5 quick myth busters!

Here are 5 random facts I found particularly entertaining whilst reading a magazine today ūüôā

1) Coffee can help sober you up – FALSE

The caffeine in coffee only masks the effects of alcohol, leaving you with the illusion that you are fine, but in actual fact you are not!


2) You must stop a USB device before unplugging it. – FALSE

* secretly celebrates* I am guilty for often removing my memory sticks without ‘stopping’ them. It never did any damage to my memory stick, so why bother? Now I can finally say that in confidence! However, removing the stick when it is being read or modified (writing data) can damage it. Otherwise it is generally ok.


3)  Sugar makes kids hyperactive. РFALSE!

Contrary to popular belief, there are no scientific evidence to prove that sugar causes hyperactivity in children. It is believe that the environment in which they consume the sweets are usually times when they are excited (think party), hence the association.


4)  Alcohol makes you feel warmer. РNOT!

What?! and why is that I feel warm and cosy after a few drinks ? the answer is it does make us feel warmer briefly but is then quickly followed by coldness. This is because alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate, so warm blood moves closer to the skin and resulting a colder core body temperature!


5)   Hair grows faster after it is cut РFALSE!

Hair growth is more visible on bare skin than it is in a hairy region! cutting the hair does not affect its roots.




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