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Today I had my first taste of Zumba and absolutely LOVED it! The class was full, with participants across all age groups, something I never thought I’d see this in such a small town. The instructor was a petite and rather toned lady that had bucket loads of energy, whom has also signed up to coach the combat class following our session!

I came home on such a buzz I thought I’d dedicate a post on my blog to Zumba. After a little search on Google, I discovered that Zumba has in fact been taught for more than a decade ago. The concept for  Zumba came about when its founder, Alberto Perez turned up to teach his gym class forgetting his usual music. He improvised by using latin music from his music collection in his car. Such that many great discoveries are usually a product of mistakes, this blunder lead to the marriage of aerobics and latin dance music J

The Colombian Perez took his concept to America where him and 2 other entrepreneurs started a phenomenon. Today more than 20,000 instructors teach Zumba in over 35 countries.  For those of you who have not come across this name ( highly doubt there are many ), Zumba is dance exercise class performed to the beat of upbeat Latin music. It incorporates dance moves with classic fitness exercises such as lunges, squats and some martial arts punches. Each workout employs a blend of four rhythms, simplified characteristic forms of cumbia, salsa, merengue and reggaeton, In other words, expect lots of hip action, salsa steps and body rolls!

I highly recommend giving this a go if you get the chance. Don’t expect it to be your usual dance class where the instructor coaches you tediously through each move, this is a fast paced, high energy class intending to get your heart pumping. Zumba routines use interval training sessions alternating between periods of fairly high intensity exercise and low intensity pockets.  Therefore it is suitable for people of a wide range of fitness levels as like most things, what we put into it will be what we get out of it!

However, if your area happens to be unfortunate enough to have not been discovered by a trainer yet, fear not, there are always Zumba fitness DVDs and games to the rescue! The games are available in formats suitable for major consoles ( PS3, Wii and Xbox Kinect). I might consider getting the game myself for some zumba action in my lounge J

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Good night and happy dancercising!


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