Why the hour in the gym is worth it

Firstly, apologies for being missing in action for such a long time. They say this is what happens when life gets in the way.

I decided to spend part most of my afternoon in the newly refurbished library just down the road from where I live. I was in awe upon entering as it now resembles an Ikea showroom in places and has improved opening hours! Oh how I’m easily pleased.

I settled down in a little corner with some bean bags and got stuck in an edition of The New Scientist from last month, where a short article caught my eye. The tittle ” exercise boosts fat busting genes” is just the motivation I need to utilise my gym membership once again.

A group of scientists in Stockholm discovered that just an hour of exercise is enough to instantly modify our genes to boost the breakdown in fat. The mechanism is through increasing the ability of making proteins – suggesting that more proteins related to the breakdown in fats are made post exercise!

So get your gym kit out of the back of the closet!

Ps: I should add that the experiments were done using strenuous exercise, so prancing about in your gym attire whilst chatting up hotties at the gym is not effective!