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8 ways to Success in 3 minutes!

This is a great procrastination tool that is educational and at the same time leads to minimum procrastination due to its short nature.

I came across this rather entertaining TED video of a 3 minute (or thereabouts) presentation by Richard St. John about what main factors lead TED presenters to the success they currently enjoy.After 500 interviews over 7 years, he says it is down to 8 factors :

1. PASSION – do it for Love, not Money. chase the passion and the providence will follow naturally.

2. WORK – 2 words, hard work. but have fun doing it.

3. GOOD – be good at what you do.

4. FOCUS- need I say more?

5. PUSH – push through your self doubt!

6. SERVE – give value through service.

7. IDEAS – it’s all about making connections with all that is around you. (watch the video!)

8. PERSIST – persist through C.R.A.P.  ie, criticism, rejection, assholes and pressure.

Click here for the link!

Enjoy 🙂