Half marathon training

I find myself, 2 weeks from the race, putting on my running shoes for my first official training session for this race. I have been running regularly, about 3-4 times a week on average for the last few months, but only short 4 milers each time. So naturally, I was a bit concerned about my ability to pull this long run off. However, deadlines work wonders and I had a goal to achieve. So I locked the door and threw away the key, and off I went on a one way track to the neighbouring town of St. Neots, 11 miles away.

A few months ago I signed myself up to support Leukaemia and Lymphoma Cancer Research in the 13.1 mile London race – Run to the Beat 2012. I had promised a few people I would run it again after last year’s attempt and this time also do it in memory of an amazing friend whom lost her battle to cancer early this year. I dedicate this race to Dr. Suraiya Abdul Munaff for she would be terribly proud of me for raising funds for cancer research.

Therefore I urge you all lovely readers to support me in raising funds for this mammoth cause by sponsoring me via this link :

THANK YOU for your kindness!

so back to the training. In order to keep myself motivated I set my end point as a shop in the town as I needed to buy a birthday present for a friend. So whenever the going got tough I thought about the shop closing and how my friend would be sad for not having a present and voila! I was off again. I also appreciated that most things were in my mind and by focusing on positive messages like shopping or my dear friend Su cheering me on, I managed to overcome the growing itch of wanting to complain about anything that would hamper my running progress!

At the end, I managed 11 miles in 1 hour 45 minutes, bought the birthday present (and more!) and felt such an immense sense of accomplishment because I now know that no challenge is too big as long as I focus on the right things 🙂


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