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Why I don’t dislike food marketeers despite advocating freedom of food choice

I love food marketeers. They are creative people trying to do a good job, ie. be a good marketeer.

I develop food products but I used to work alongside food marketeers and they are talented individuals fundamentally trying to generate more interest in the products they represent. They would use price promotions and competitions, brand positioning and advertisement, emotional appeal and variety as well as innovation to create a raving fan base that uses the products over and over again. I think without marketing the world will be a very bland place because consumerism will not exist, and cash flow will not exist and we might as well be self  reliant and produce everything we need to survive! (of course that is possible but I appreciate variety, ones that I can’t possibly create on my own)

So on to my point. We are constantly bombarded by marketing messages, messages that speak directly to our emotions because marketeers have learnt the art of emotional manipulation. When we as a consumer falls for the emotional nudges we get annoyed and we feel cheated. We feel manipulated and steered in directions that is profitable to the food retailer and manufacturer. We get upset.

But don’t you see, you are a strong, intelligent person that is always making your own choices. With consumerism deeply rooted in our modern day culture, we just ride the current and allow ourselves to be manipulated. Allowing is choosing to be manipulated.

So don’t blame the food manufacturers for selling you bad food. Don’t blame the fast food chains for making you fat. Don’t blame the advertisers for unwanted influence. Take responsibility for what you choose to buy. Take responsibility for what you choose to eat. Take back control of what you truly want.

Here is a practical exercise. Next time you go grocery shopping, remember what is it you want to eat. Shop within promotions by all means but make sure what you buy on promotion is what you wanted in the first place. That way you are truly getting the best deal in every sense of the word:)

Happy Friday everyone.


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