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Prequel to “fix your belief and you will be unstoppable”

I was on the phone with mum this morning and she told me she read my blog. Yes, my mum reads my blog!

She gave me some constructive feedback as mothers do and suggested I keep things simple. Consequently, I had to agree with mum as I have not given my last post a good introduction. So this will be an attempt to put the excitement of my last post in context.

I find a lot of my peers as well as friends older than me frustrated with their lives. They, and myself included desire more in material and in purpose/direction of living. It was easy back in school, where our purpose was to do well in school and finish school. Once out of school, so many of us get sucked into a materialistic race for more. As a result, we feel like we are constantly fire fighting, ie. fixing problem after problem and never really seeing a potential happier ending, or an end at all.

Fighting fire

tackling problem after problem

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Fix your belief and you will be unstoppable

How you can get the life you always wanted.

The trick to getting anything you want in your life is to envision it. It is to see it over and over and over again in your mind until it becomes so real and you have NO DOUBT that you will get it. 

The people that are relentless, find a way to break through failure after failure, then eventually come across success. So what makes them relentless? It is the belief that is so strong that you discount any other possibility than the one you want. You lock the door and throw away the key!!! You take the island and burn the boats!!!

People will say and me included,

if anything is going to work, that thing has to prove it to me that it is going to work first before I believe in it

In fact it is the opposite that is true. If you want anything to work, BELIEVE in it first, then it will prove to you in itself that it is effective. Of course, don’t do silly things like wait for the sunrise looking West, use your wisdom and instinct. Continue reading

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Michael Norton on how to buy hapiness

Recently I took part in a half marathon race and raised money for cancer research in memory of a good friend I lost to cancer early this year. I began fundraising shortly before the race and have been incredibly touched by the generosity shown by some of my amazing friends. I believe what goes around comes around and by giving to others you are coming from a place of personal abundance, so you will receive abundance in another form. Continue reading