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Michael Norton on how to buy hapiness

Recently I took part in a half marathon race and raised money for cancer research in memory of a good friend I lost to cancer early this year. I began fundraising shortly before the race and have been incredibly touched by the generosity shown by some of my amazing friends. I believe what goes around comes around and by giving to others you are coming from a place of personal abundance, so you will receive abundance in another form.
Giving has always brought me joy but I now know, through this talk by Michael Norton, that it is a universal truth across cultures and generations. However I would advocate giving only after you are taken care of. And since giving brings us so much joy, taking care of our financial wellbeing in order to allow for the ability to give to others is so important in creating more joy in our live.

Nonetheless, I think everyone can give if as long as we are creative. You can give financially, but also give in kindness by paying a good deed forward, or just by making someone else’s day. So give and so shall you receive more of what you gave.

Enjoy the video.

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