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Big Bad Wolf Book Sale – interview of the fair organisers

Thank you all who came to read my first post on the Big Bad Wolf sale! I was surprised at how well my previous post on the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale was received. Post readers were registering from all over the world and arriving via search engines in a way that was way more regular than usual! This just proves how popular this MASSIVE book sale is!

I was on the way to lunch when I heard an interview on Business FM of the 2 founders of BookXcess, the company who runs this book fair. Andrew and Jacqueline have acted on their passion for encouraging reading by giving Malaysians one of a few (or could it be the only) discount book stores in the country. Back in England, a visit to the discount book store The Works was part of my Saturday shopping routine. Other book discounters such as The Book People would hold book fairs at our workplace canteen where they bring the books to the customers instead of trying to pull customers to the website.

The key question is : How did they achieve such low prices? The answer is to purchase books that are over printed and unable to make it to the mainstream book stores. See a little creativity and a lot of passion and action taking is the key to a successful business!

These guys spent a year traveling the globe to bulk buy books for the fair. According to Andrew they had 3 warehouses full of books and 60 to 80 staff members to make this fair possible. So please support discount bookstores for the wonderful service they are providing us !

Information on the Big Bad Wolf sale 2013

Information on the Big Bad Wolf sale 2013

You could click on this link to listen to the podcast of the interview if you so wish 🙂


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