Food and nutrition, Personal development

How to reduce temptation and stay on track

In life, we want to win to feel good.We set goals, we strive for excellence, we achieve our goals, we feel good. We have big goals and little goals, and tools to monitor our progress in the process of getting to where we want to be. But what happens when we don’t get there?

We become angry, frustrated and often resentful. We blame. Everyone and everything. Including ourselves. We begin to doubt the goal. We begin to doubt ourselves.

But you are competent and you can do what you set out to do. You see, it is all in the mind. The process of manifestation says that our thoughts leads to feelings, which then leads to actions and finally all those produces results. So with that in mind, everything begins with a thought. Henry Ford said and I quote, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.”


Why do I bring this up? As a new vegan, I am occasionally (more than I would like) finding it challenging to certain foods that I used to like, particularly high fat, high sugar baked goods such as cake and cookies. The problem is I am constantly surrounded by these foods and regularly tempted to grab a bite. But I resist. And the mental battle goes on.

If actions leads to results, and feelings to actions, it makes sense that if I feel happy and contented, I would not want what I do not need ( I DON’T need cake!). So for the urge (it is a feeling) of cake to disappear, the preceding thought must vanish.  Surrounding myself with foods that are not good but tempt me is not ideal. I need to create a winning environment.

So the first step is to remove myself from the vicinity of tempting non-nutritious foods. Use to external forces to help take you closer to what you want. Create a winning environment such that the mental battle need not exist in the first place.  No thought, no feeling generated, no need for action and certainly no negative result. Mission accomplished.


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