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Junk Food is a science. I’m a food technologist, I should know

When given the luxury of time, product development is a calculated science.

I’m not saying this because I am a food technologist, I agree that cooking is a an art but with a scientific undercurrent. Furthermore, Sensory Science is called a science for a reason.

I read food technology at university and in our final year we had the good fortune to apply statistics in an exercise of product optimisation. We put people in little booths or rooms and run sheets of questions to map out (literally) every possible factor about the food item presented to them.  In the food manufacturing industry this is lucrative business. Sensory market research is expensive. Very expensive.  Big food corporations set aside hefty amount of their budgets to strip product ideas and prototypes to the fundamentals and to correlate consumer liking to those fundamentals. Then like blocks, we put those pieces back together to create the ultimate super food item. Continue reading

Food and nutrition

Why I went plant based – athlete endorsements

As I have mentioned in my previous post (Link), reading The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell was a turning point in my choice of nutrition. I am not one for taking action solely on one source of information so I did my own research on others living this type of lifestyle.

I looked up vegan athletes because if they swear by being vegan and yet can be at the top of their game, there must be something in this. The following is a list of vegan athletes I have found ad a short summary on what they do and their beliefs on going plant based.

Mac Danzig – Mixed Martial Arts competitor. Ultimate Fighter winner.


Mac’s love for animals steered him in the direction of vegetarianism but was told that he needed meat for training in his sport. Continue reading

Food and nutrition

Why I gave up meat,dairy,eggs and seafood – benefits of a plant-based diet

So you are contemplating either eating plant-based, cutting down on animal based protein, or just trying to understand why your loved one is refusing that burger with lashings of mayonnaise!!

Believe it or not I was recently a meat lover. I began cutting down the meats in May 2012. If you had told me a month before that I would eventually give up all animal based meats and dairy I would have laughed and rolled my eyes. But here I am, all because of the improvements to my health as promised by the literature I have read and advice I have received.

Brenden Brazier, a 100% plant based professional athlete defines health as (and I agree):

-being able to sleep deeply and not needing a lot of sleep

– Have lots of energy without the need of stimulus such as caffeine

– able to think clearly and be productive

– and of course being clear from diseases

The journey to health is unique to each individual Continue reading