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Why I gave up meat,dairy,eggs and seafood – benefits of a plant-based diet

So you are contemplating either eating plant-based, cutting down on animal based protein, or just trying to understand why your loved one is refusing that burger with lashings of mayonnaise!!

Believe it or not I was recently a meat lover. I began cutting down the meats in May 2012. If you had told me a month before that I would eventually give up all animal based meats and dairy I would have laughed and rolled my eyes. But here I am, all because of the improvements to my health as promised by the literature I have read and advice I have received.

Brenden Brazier, a 100% plant based professional athlete defines health as (and I agree):

-being able to sleep deeply and not needing a lot of sleep

– Have lots of energy without the need of stimulus such as caffeine

– able to think clearly and be productive

– and of course being clear from diseases

The journey to health is unique to each individual with some shared strategies that work across the board. I began my journey with initially cutting down on meat and increasing my greens consumption.  That alone gave me more energy, less abdominal bloating, visibly brighter eyes (the whites of my eyes were became really white) and better skin health.  Now 30 days into eating plant-based, I have even more energy (because I feel lighter), my healthiest digestive system in over 10 years, good complexion,  a controllable sweet tooth, and less mood swings (although  I am unsure if this can be attributed to going plant-based or not)

I have mentioned “The China Study” in my previous posts as the reson for my final decision to go plant-based but I want to explain my takings from the book and hence the reasons why I made the final leap. Introducing :

Front Cover

Dr. T. Colin Campbell – author of The China Study the most comprehensive study of diet, lifestyle and disease ever conducted

Many of the associations discovered in this study revealed a common finding : “people who ate the most animal-based foods got the most chronic disease. Even relatively small intakes of animal-based food were associated with adverse effects. People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest and tended to avoid chronic disease” (excerpt taken from his book)

He goes on to show that a plant-based diet could reverse the symptoms of heart disease and positively influence some cancers, bone health, kidney health, vision, autoimmune disorders  (where the body’s immune system attacks itself) and brain health during old age.

The most attractive point to me was the ability to turn on and off cancer growth in animals simply by changing nutrition even though they had a strong genetic disposition towards cancer. He says that we are highly likely to be exposed to carcinogens daily, but their effects leading to tumour development depends on the presence of conditions to promote their growth. Consumption of animal based protein creates these conditions, consumption of plant based protein does just the opposite.  As of late, most passings of people I hear of are due to a type of cancer. I am starting to be convinced that cancer is preventable through early dietary intervention.

Dr. Campbell is but one of the many plant-based scientists and athletes reaping the benefits of living this way. In my next post I will explore vegan athletes on their lifestyle and performance enhancement after switching to a plant-based nourishment.


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