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Why I went plant based – athlete endorsements

As I have mentioned in my previous post (Link), reading The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell was a turning point in my choice of nutrition. I am not one for taking action solely on one source of information so I did my own research on others living this type of lifestyle.

I looked up vegan athletes because if they swear by being vegan and yet can be at the top of their game, there must be something in this. The following is a list of vegan athletes I have found ad a short summary on what they do and their beliefs on going plant based.

Mac Danzig – Mixed Martial Arts competitor. Ultimate Fighter winner.


Mac’s love for animals steered him in the direction of vegetarianism but was told that he needed meat for training in his sport. So he ate chicken reluctantly until 2004 where he became a strict vegan. He claims that as a vegan he is able to lose weight without losing muscle easier (so he was losing fat!), thus was much leaner and had more energy.

Rich Roll- Ultraman, 2009’s ‘25 fittest an in the world’, full time lawyer

Rich roll before he went vegan and trained, age 40 (left), after changing his diet and lifetyle, and loads of training!

Turning vegan after an unhealthy streak which jolted him to awareness at the age of 40, Rich’s achievements has been nothing short of amazing.  He claims himself to be a normal family man, but 3 years after going vegan he completed a grueling three-day triathlon called the Ultraman World Championships consisting 6.2 miles of swimming, 260 miles of cycling and a wooping 52.4-mile double marathon run. He came in 11th overall and was the 3rd fastest American. And all plant driven.  Again he talks about how going plant based increased his energy levels  and his general well-being.

Brendan Brazier- former professional Ironman Triathlete,  time Canadian 50k Ultra Marathon Champion, Performance nutrition consultant. Formulator of Vega products.

photo from

Brendan’s approach to eating for training is eating the right nutrients for your body to heal from physical stresses (from exercise) correctly. In an article (link), he shares how his body accumulated fats despite exercising more and cutting back on calories because he was not getting the right nutrients. He also talked about the alkalizing effect on the body from cutting out processed foods and going plant based(link). Keeping blood pH slightly alkaline, the body can focus on using its resources on other things such as repairing the body from other natural stressors such as oxidative stresses (think free radical stress). Green leafy vegetables are a good source of alkalinity for the body. An over acidic body creates a condusive environment for many diseases to develop, namely cancer which is unable to thrive in an alkaline environment. This acidosis is also responsible for the loss in cellular energy production. (loads to read on this site)

Pretty cool stuff huh?!


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