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Hummus, hommous, or humous?

I have a love affair with hummus. Hummus understands my needs and makes me happy whenever we meet. I will never forget that gorgeous plate of hummus on a cold, wintry evening by the banks of the River Thames 🙂 Ah sweet memories……

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip or spread that is usually served with a side of pitta bread. I like to have mine on crackers or carrot sticks. One very unusual suggestion is to spread it on tomato slices. The juice from the tomatoes and that meaty umami flavour perfectly compliments the thick creamy garlicky hummus, a marriage of wonderful flavours and textures in your mouths 🙂

Creamy authentic hummus

Creamy authentic hummus

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Your body changes in real time based on the food you feed it. Your metabolism slows down after a fatty meal. Please read on.

Start at minute 29:45 to understand how you can speed up your metabolism to burn more calories.

Easiest to understand explanation of influencing calorie burning I have received.

Summary to this section of the video:

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Results after 60 days of eating plant based

*drum roll*

Presenting my blood lipids test results at day 60 of eating a plant based diet……

Top : blood test results at day 1Bottom : blood lipids test results at day 60A breakdown of blood lipids are in the red brackets

Top : blood test results at day 1
Bottom : blood lipids test results at day 60
A breakdown of blood lipids are in the red brackets
Both tests were done after 12 hours of fasting

It worked! The plant- based diet did what it said it would do!

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Vegan chocolate cupcakes and chocolate frosting

I look out my window and the sky is turning an angry dark grey. Saturdays are not great for shopping anyway. The shops are always way too busy. So I resort to indulging in food photography online and  a flash of inspiration to begin my vegan baking adventure strikes me. Mmmm…chocolate cake…..

Eggless, no-butter chocolate cupcakes

Recipe adapted from Eggless Chocolate Sponge

Vegan chocolate cupcakes

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I must immortalize this video here so that I can watch it anytime.  I almost cried after the 3rd time watching this. This man believed in himself and did what he was told he could not do for 15 years. Watch this whenever life gets you down.

You are incredible Arthur Boorman.


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How exercising has created more time in my life

Everyone gets 24 hours a day. What do you mean by creating more time? Time is an illusion, yes, but what I am saying is I have been able to increase my daily productivity and get more out of the waking hours in my days.

The classic reasons for exercise are simple : to lose weight, look better, train or an event (race, competition etc.) ,or  feel better.

I exercised and I got all 4 but one thing I did not expect was to increase personal productivity throughout my day by increased endurance and a better psychology. I started going to the gym thinking I will tone up and lose weight, but after 2 months, not only have I achieved that, I am also physically stronger, able to think and act quicker and feeling happier in general. Continue reading