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I came across this blog post today and it got me thinking…

1) In the past I find that I got hungry very often. Now if I eat well I don’t. But…

2) These days if I let myself get ravenous I will reach for not nutritionally dense foods (stuff like white bread or buns and junk food, basically anything edible between meals). I would eat more of that than my usual ‘good’ meal food, and still feel hungry as I eat my way through the afternoon!

3) A few occasions of crap eating leaves me feeling tired, restless (not satisfied/satiated) and guilty for being stupid with eating!

I love paragraph Ross received in a letter from his client (as described in the linked blog entry) where his client says “to be hungry is the body’s cry for nutrients” . So, if we feed it, but with food that are nutritionally ‘hollow’, what is the point of eating?! My hungry body will still be hungry!

Ahhhh! *paradigm shift in thinking*

I am loading up my body with useless calories that do not nourish me, so my body still wants more food, I give it more useless calories and the cycle goes on. In the end I get fat and malnourished!

Eat better peeps. Your body will tell you if you don’t.


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