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How exercising has created more time in my life

Everyone gets 24 hours a day. What do you mean by creating more time? Time is an illusion, yes, but what I am saying is I have been able to increase my daily productivity and get more out of the waking hours in my days.

The classic reasons for exercise are simple : to lose weight, look better, train or an event (race, competition etc.) ,or  feel better.

I exercised and I got all 4 but one thing I did not expect was to increase personal productivity throughout my day by increased endurance and a better psychology. I started going to the gym thinking I will tone up and lose weight, but after 2 months, not only have I achieved that, I am also physically stronger, able to think and act quicker and feeling happier in general.

Let us zoom in on the increase of feeling physically stronger. Building up the strength of my core through pilates allows me to be more agile and strangely, quicker at taking action. I have noticed dips in procrastination behavior ,probably also a combined effect of feeling more positive in general. I last longer through the day because I am less fatigued, and I have a spring in my step as I cope with challenges that cross my path (quite literally, I leaped over a fence that’s about waist height yesterday!)

My gym routine is far from grueling and is actually rather enjoyable. I take 2 hour long pilates classes a week, do circuit training for about 30 minutes twice a week, and perhaps take a body combat class once or twice a week. If I feel like it I go outdoors for 6-7K runs whenever the weather is nice.

My pilates instructor gets the class working on lots of the moves above and after about session 3, I was getting so much stronger it felt awesome!

So my suggestion to anyone who wants to have more in ANY area of life is to start doing some exercise consistently over a period of a few weeks and notice the change in your attitude towards life. I strongly believe before we can decide on how to change something, we have to feel better about first and I have found some exercise certainly to be a good first step 🙂


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