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Results after 60 days of eating plant based

*drum roll*

Presenting my blood lipids test results at day 60 of eating a plant based diet……

Top : blood test results at day 1Bottom : blood lipids test results at day 60A breakdown of blood lipids are in the red brackets

Top : blood test results at day 1
Bottom : blood lipids test results at day 60
A breakdown of blood lipids are in the red brackets
Both tests were done after 12 hours of fasting

It worked! The plant- based diet did what it said it would do!

My blood cholesterol levels are now in within the normal range . I am especially excited about the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels because it has dropped 19.4%, and HDL (good cholesterol) has risen about 21% ! For those interested to know, LDL transports cholesterol from your liver (where it is made) to your cells in the blood stream. So a higher LDL level means higher amounts of cholesterol in circulation and a higher chance of it accumulating in damaged areas of the blood vessel, causing plaque formation.

Aside from a reduced risk of heart disease, I have also lost an ickle bit of weight and inches.

Total weight loss = 1.5kg

Centimetres lost around …… waist = 3cm         thigh = 2.8cm

arms = 2cm        lower belly = 2cm        hips = 1cm

Ok I do admit the numbers are not impressive, but my stomach is consistently less bloated and my skin less spotty despite the hot weather. I think my energy levels have improved but that could be down to me not being at work these last few months. However I am sleeping about the same number of hours as before, probably even less if I’m being precise.

I am somewhat disappointed with my slow weight loss. I put this down to my grazing habits and poor portion control! I put my hands up in confession of being a serial snacker, but that has to be a thing in the past. Right readers, now that I have gotten the hang of this plant based way of eating, it is time to tackle the weight loss! This is no mean feat for me, I despise thinking about my body weight and have ALWAYS struggled to maintain weight loss. So here is my approach to weight loss in the next 60 days:

1) no white baked goods. This includes loaf bread, buns, baguettes, pittas and pizza bases. *sob*

2) reduced added sugar consumption. I have been cutting back but have been lax about it. IT IS TIME to up the ante!

3) Maintain similar levels of exercise. I will be starting a new job in 2 weeks time and going to the gym will take a LOT more effort!

Despite low weight loss and lowish inches lost, my body looks much toner and more defined. I bumped into my teacher today at the gym (she last saw me a few weeks ago) and she commented that I looked much more toned and more muscular. So maybe I am being a bit too harsh on myself in the physical change department!

Fingers crossed my day 120  report will be heaps better 🙂 keep reading to show your support! Thanks and love you all.


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