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What to do when you feel stuck – the Tim Ferriss Way

You don’t like what you are feeling right now because you don’t like what you are doing. But you have no idea how to change it. You feel STUCK and it is horrible.

Would you like to get UN-stuck?  If so it involves doing something, changing something. No, really, if you are not tired enough of being stuck to want to do something about it, please do not read on.

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Inspirational Tuesday : Motivation to exercise. It is mind over matter

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I hit the snooze button this morning and could barely pull myself out of bed. I got to the gym and was late for class so skipped it and did a shorter workout instead. Then I sat around and chatted with the trainers and finally left the gym without doing too much today.

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My lovely cousin’s wife shared this excellent video about living your dream on her facebook page yesterday. It is a video by the guys as Inknowation, brilliantly conceptualized and illustrated!

The way to achieve your goals is to dream of what you want, put an expiration date to your dream and then WORK to achieve it

So many of us feel stuck in our lives because we have followed other people’s definitions of what life should be : work hard, live how other people have lived, don’t take risks. This is fine if you can find happiness and fulfillment after doing just that. But the fact that you feel stuck suggest otherwise. We are all made to serve a purpose in your lifetime, whatever that purpose may be, it is one that brings some amount of goodness to the people and environment around you.

Don’t be afraid I say, don’t worry that you will never be fulfilled, don’t worry that you will never find your purpose or never achieve your dream. There is enough in the universe for each and everyone of us to achieve our dreams. Worry less about the outcome, it will drive you mad (perfectionist, you know what I am talking about). Just take a step, for it is the journey to your dream that matters, it is the journey that fulfills, and it is this very journey that will mold you into the best  person you can be.

And that is the magic zone as stated in the video. Where dreams become a reality.

Happy Tuesday my lovely readers. Now go be inspired!