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Inspirational Tuesday : Motivation to exercise. It is mind over matter

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I hit the snooze button this morning and could barely pull myself out of bed. I got to the gym and was late for class so skipped it and did a shorter workout instead. Then I sat around and chatted with the trainers and finally left the gym without doing too much today.

I noticed I was losing my funk. I wanted to get inspired. Then I remembered Sister Madonna Buder of  Washington.

Sister Madonna was born in July of 1930 (that makes her 82 years old) and is a nun, as part of a non-traditional community of sisters. She began training at age 48 and ran her first triathlon 4 years later, and first ironman 7 years later at age 55. She has recently completed the 2012 Ironman Canada last August with the official time of 16 hours 32 minutes, setting the record for the oldest woman ever to complete an Ironman race. I am just lost for words.

For those not in the know, an Ironman event is an endurance race made up of a 2.4 mile (3.86km) swim, 112 mile (180.25km) bicycle ride and a 26.2 mile (42.2km) run (ie. a full marathon), all within a cut off time of 17 hours.

Sister Madonna credits part of her success to “good genes”. She does not do much to damage her body and “occasionally drink” only when it is necessary. I see this as an incredible display of mental strength and tenacity to push through obstacles because of such a compelling to keep doing what she does. In her sporting career she has tirelessly raised funds for various charities. Nonetheless, her most important work is to demonstrate that nothing is impossible, and to provide inspiration to all those who would come to learn about her story. May we all light up the sparks of our desires, nurture them into burning flames and set forth to do good in our lives, just as how Sister Madonna is making a difference now.

More reading on Sister Madonna:


2 thoughts on “Inspirational Tuesday : Motivation to exercise. It is mind over matter

    • well done for completing a triathlon!! that is really an achievement! I’ve not done one myself and dread the swimming bit… I hate swimming . I guess I will give it a go someday, maybe aim to run a full marathon first!

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