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The McDonalds Drive Thru model

McDonalds Drive Thru

McDonalds Drive Thru

Many of us have heard of the Law of Attraction made famous by the book/film “The Secret”. Many then decided to test it out by asking sincerely, but got disappointed instead because what they asked for did not come true. So does this mean the Law of Attraction is but a mere marketing ploy? Is there more to it than asking and believing?

At Enlightened Warrior Training Camp I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with Hawk Moon, a wise mentor of much zeal for life and love for people. He taught us a simple 4 step guide to getting what we want in life, and called it the McDonalds Drive Thru Model.  Just imagine a drive through order process and remembering this technique will be a breeze!

1)  Clarity when placing the order : be clear about what you are asking for. Be specific but not too rigid with the minor details

2) Move towards what you want : Take some action in the direction of what you are asking for

3) Be willing to make an exchange : Be real. Do what it takes.

4) Reach out and fully receive it : Many people expect things to be handed to them. All you need to do is to allow what you want to come to you by removing resistance and if possible, make the circumstances in favour of receiving what you have asked for

So it is no secret after all. Ask with clarity and take action to get what you want. Simples.

(Yes, until you try and do it!!)

Good luck peeps. And just because I have mentioned fast food, you don’t have to go get some. Stay away !


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My body, my temple

I have been writing mostly on thinking right and behaving right as of late. Mentally I am doing well but my body keeps taking me down because it is in physical pain. For the past 3 days I have been on antibiotics and painkillers because of a toothache.

Think about this. All the good work of thinking forward, positive & strong and right now negativity is triumphing because of a toothache?!

So this got me thinking. I am frustrated at my body for not being able to sustain at the pace I intend for it to run at. My spirit is larger than my physical capacity! Can you see how our bodies are a vector, a vehicle that carries our desires, actions, results, happiness, sense of fulfillment and purpose….. So if our physical body is not in top running order, what are our chances of achieving the goodness that we are after (as above?)

I seem like a health nut, but I am really not. That is why I started this blog to encourage myself and others to be more aware of our health. But I am also learning that health is not just about the correct weight, correct body fat, absence of disease…the physical stuff. It is also about the mental stuff : controlled stress levels, patience for others, little worry, actions aligning with inner values….. Because without the mental stuff being right, all the physical wellbeing won’t matter, I will experience physical pain again, just like this massive toothache.

So wonderful readers, here is a video I use in the mornings to work on my physical temple, and then proceed to meditation to work on the inner temple.


Thank you Sean Vigue!



Tell me of a person that is a master at something on the first attempt? How many times have we heard the saying “practice makes perfect?” Ever asked why practice makes perfect?

This is Blair Singer’s (author of Sales Dogs and incredible teacher/leader) attempt to explain it to us at Master Facilitator Programme:

by the way, the video was created by me using Sparkol VideoScribe, enjoy!

simple white sheet untainted with anything

simple white sheet untainted by anything

I have been uneasy for weeks now. I kept perking myself up but something did not seem right and I could not put my finger on it.

Until I started folding a white piece of paper.

What happened? – I was told to fold the paper in half, and to keep folding it in half until I could not fold it any further. Halfway through folding I decided to fold it a different way than I normally would. At the end I still got to a tiny rectangle so stiff it would not fold any more.

Why did I fold it differently? – I got bored of only using one way to solve a problem. What I was craving was some variety in my life, away from the rat race routine. Yet I held back in introducing variety for fear that it would bring about negative effects. But in the end, despite folding the paper a different way,I still got to the same small rectangle.

How would I apply this lesson to my life? – I will do things differently when I feel like it, Nothing bad will happen. In fact I will enjoy my days a lot more!

It is amazing what a piece of paper can do for you. We give meaning to everything and the most pressing matters will come up once you start asking the correct questions. So go on, what can your piece of white paper tell you today?

Personal development

A white piece of paper

Personal development

Life got in the way……

I would like to address my lack of presence on here in the last few months. I was tempted to explain my absence by telling a story about my move to Singapore, change of jobs, lifestyle and the stresses at work. Despite it being true that that all happened and that my days have been the busiest it has ever been, it is only correct to fess up to what is, that is my whimpy commitment to spread my learnings through writing.

Very recently I attended a 4.5 day personal development course and learnt a thing or two about integrity. Continue reading