Personal development

Life got in the way……

I would like to address my lack of presence on here in the last few months. I was tempted to explain my absence by telling a story about my move to Singapore, change of jobs, lifestyle and the stresses at work. Despite it being true that that all happened and that my days have been the busiest it has ever been, it is only correct to fess up to what is, that is my whimpy commitment to spread my learnings through writing.

Very recently I attended a 4.5 day personal development course and learnt a thing or two about integrity. Integrity by definition (dictionary, com) is the adherence to moral and ethical principles. And in my opinion, self integrity is the most important one to uphold because :

Violation of your own rules leads to —-> feeling disappointed with ourselves which leads to ——-> broken self trust

And broken self trust is ultimately what leads to the feeling to self guilt, unhappiness and the awful cycle of self blame.

Therefore in order to uphold my integrity I shall do what is important to me and that is, to reconnect with you lovely blog readers and once again make your days better through my stories and findings.

I was taught by Anthony Robbins to never leave sight of a goal without doing something towards achieving it.

So here I am, writing my first post in months because the commitment to connect to all of you stands.

Thank you for reading what i write and for sharing your personal development journey with me.

Bless you all.


2 thoughts on “Life got in the way……

  1. Good to hear from you Sarah. You sound inspired and ready to conquer the World. I would love to hear more on your adventures with keeping up with self trust as I struggle with that and would appreciate some advice 🙂 Good luck dear!

    • Thank you my dear, I have done so much work on mmyself since we met last time and would certainly be tackling that subject a lot on this blog. Keep going sweets xxxxx

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