simple white sheet untainted with anything

simple white sheet untainted by anything

I have been uneasy for weeks now. I kept perking myself up but something did not seem right and I could not put my finger on it.

Until I started folding a white piece of paper.

What happened? – I was told to fold the paper in half, and to keep folding it in half until I could not fold it any further. Halfway through folding I decided to fold it a different way than I normally would. At the end I still got to a tiny rectangle so stiff it would not fold any more.

Why did I fold it differently? – I got bored of only using one way to solve a problem. What I was craving was some variety in my life, away from the rat race routine. Yet I held back in introducing variety for fear that it would bring about negative effects. But in the end, despite folding the paper a different way,I still got to the same small rectangle.

How would I apply this lesson to my life? – I will do things differently when I feel like it, Nothing bad will happen. In fact I will enjoy my days a lot more!

It is amazing what a piece of paper can do for you. We give meaning to everything and the most pressing matters will come up once you start asking the correct questions. So go on, what can your piece of white paper tell you today?

Personal development

A white piece of paper


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