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My body, my temple

I have been writing mostly on thinking right and behaving right as of late. Mentally I am doing well but my body keeps taking me down because it is in physical pain. For the past 3 days I have been on antibiotics and painkillers because of a toothache.

Think about this. All the good work of thinking forward, positive & strong and right now negativity is triumphing because of a toothache?!

So this got me thinking. I am frustrated at my body for not being able to sustain at the pace I intend for it to run at. My spirit is larger than my physical capacity! Can you see how our bodies are a vector, a vehicle that carries our desires, actions, results, happiness, sense of fulfillment and purpose….. So if our physical body is not in top running order, what are our chances of achieving the goodness that we are after (as above?)

I seem like a health nut, but I am really not. That is why I started this blog to encourage myself and others to be more aware of our health. But I am also learning that health is not just about the correct weight, correct body fat, absence of disease…the physical stuff. It is also about the mental stuff : controlled stress levels, patience for others, little worry, actions aligning with inner values….. Because without the mental stuff being right, all the physical wellbeing won’t matter, I will experience physical pain again, just like this massive toothache.

So wonderful readers, here is a video I use in the mornings to work on my physical temple, and then proceed to meditation to work on the inner temple.


Thank you Sean Vigue!



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