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Your mind plays tricks on you

5 weeks ago I weighed 5 pounds more and barely fitted into a UK size 10. Last weekend I attended my cousin’s wedding in a size 8 dinner gown. In the past I would laugh at the thought of me doing push ups. Now I can do 15.

Despite the clear improvements, I was still nervous going into the last 4 weeks of the INSANITY workout (by Shaun T) because I knew it was going to be a lot more challenging than before. My mind told me I would injure myself. My mind told me I was too tired. My mind told me not to push myself, to STAY RIGHT HERE, to watch out for the unknown because I might be wrong about this. Sounds familiar?

I woke up from a long slumber this morning dreading the workout as soon as I opened my eyes. But the warrior in me made a promise to see the programme through. I began chanting ‘ don’t think’ over and over again. I put the video on and began the warm up. The video crashes. I went on Youtube to find a better version and that crashes as well. I came back to my original video and the video image is lagging from the audio….. ARGH!


My back was aching and my legs started to shiver. I was yawning continuously in spite of my pounding heart. Shaun T’s commands ringing in the background.

Dig deeper. Don’t stop. Keep pushing.

I know the last 28 days of the Insanity workout will be a strong test of strength both mentally and physically. Nonetheless, this is a training ground for my mind to break boundaries and accept the unknown. The flat abs and strong arms I am developing is just an external manifestation of the greater fitness cultivated in my mind. The fitness to endure challenges in the pursuit of my life’s goals. So thank you Shaun T and team Beach body!!! Go go go!

Upon learning about my commitment to getting fit, many friends asked me for tips on what to do to get started. For me there is no foul proof formula. You just have to get up and go. Check the short video out of my journey of getting started to get fit. Good luck in getting stronger!


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