Personal development

How to choose to work in your passion

My name is Sarah Phang and I was born in the year 1987. I belong to a generation called Gen-Y where most of us grew up in a relatively comfortable time of less war and surrounded by increasingly accessible technology and information. Many of us have been given opportunities that our baby boomer parents id not have whilst growing up. Consequently we dare to dream big. We believe in possibilities and want to pursue our passions.

So is it really possible to live our passions and yet make a living or better still, make a fortune whilst doing it?

   I discovered a very important concept from the statement above in that living our passions: Previously, I had an idealistic view of a comfortable path in my work if I chose to work based on passion, that the journey would be cushioned because I loved what I did. In reality, I now see that ALL journeys are never easy. Passion just gives us the will to get back up again after being knocked down. This is crucial because as Gen Ys expect to enjoy our work, many of us quit once the going gets tough thinking that it is not the suitable field of work for us. Maybe this is why we are coined the ‘difficult’ generation in the current workforce due to low retention and engagement levels.

   I also learnt that passion can be cultivated. Passion is easier cultivated in the presence of competence. In other words, the more we like something, the more we do it, the better we get at it which then increases liking and ultimately breeds passion.

Eunice Hii (founder of the passion project) in the TED talk video below believes strongly in following our passions has since learnt a few lessons about getting it right. Her lessons are :

1) follow your passion but remember to work hard too

2) you can follow your passions even if it is not your work (or job)

3) your passions could surface much later in your life

4) to be able to follow your passion is a privilege. Follow your passion with gratitude.

It does not mean anything to follow your passion if it isn’t in the service of others – Eunice Hii

    I also found an interesting read on Chris Guillebeau’s blog( blog link) on views for following your passion and career success. Most comments on there suggests that there is certainly a direct correlation between passion and success but it all still requires some action taking. The good news is that with the current level of connection the internet provides, following our passions without major disruptions to our current commitments is perfectly doable!

I am saying : ” Lets go for it and live happier and stronger! “

             Choose to live better!


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