Insanity day 54 status update

3 glasses of water and I feel like I can drink more!

My body is radiating heat like a radiator on a low setting as I type this minutes after completing max interval circuit of the Insanity workout. Just felt the need to update you lovely readers on my progress, in case any of you was inspired enough to embark on the insanity journey with me!

I cannot lie. It has been tough. I did skip a day so therefore delayed my finish date by one day. ARGH, no excuses! must not do that again. Funnily enough, the last 3 days of insanity has been getting increasingly easier to do despite my general energy levels still low due to lack of sleep and work commitments. Maybe I am getting stronger!

Physique wise I am definitely toner, abs are visible and triceps forming. Waist is not getting any trimmer since the last drop in measurement but that’s still acceptable. A great thing is I can ascend the pedestrian overhead bridge staircase a lot quicker without losing breathe 🙂 and I thighs feel firmer.

Ok off to a well deserved shower and perhaps another apple to quench that thirst!

The difference between a good scientist and a great scientist is not so much skill, but discipline to push through – my boss

Keep pushing ! it is worth it!


2 thoughts on “Insanity day 54 status update

  1. I just starting reading the insanity blog – day 44 when you acclaimed to falter on self care. What I think is that you did engage in self care by allowing the body to fall out on the couch. I also believe eating that which we avoid from time to time gives us the boost we need to continue our journey. If you continued eating crap and said goodbye to the workout altogether, then you can learn from a fail. But a day vacation can’t be all that bad! I can’t stick 3 days to ANY kind of physical exercise so give yourself a high-five and thank yourself for motivating the rest.

    • Thank you Roselake for sharing your wisdom and dropping those words of encouragement!!! I am actually pretty hard in myself so you are right to say that we all need a break once in a while! I have experienced burnouts before, something so easily done in a fast paced city like Singapore. It is not much use to me or to those around me if I stretch too thin. Thank you for the reminder :):)

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