Food and nutrition

Losing weight : which is more important, food or exercise?

Brocolli breakfast

This is what I have for breakfast these days. Lightly boiled with a splash of flaxseed oil and a sprinlkle of salt

In my opinion, food. Imagine our bodies as a semi-flexible vessel of energy. The key is to maintain the incoming and outgoing units in balance for consistent weight or have more outgoing than incomings. Simple. Unfortunately, for most of us, filling up this vessel is easier than emptying it, simply because eating is a much less demanding activity than moving our bodies!

If you need some scientific proof check out the longest run weight loss – nutrition study ever conducted at Deakin University by Prof. Tim Crowe at the link below:

Why do I bring this up now? Because I am on a fitness journey myself and eating well is proving to be more challenging than getting up for a workout! We get inundated with ads for exercise products with some nutrition elements tagged on at the back but feeding this machine well is paramount for any aim:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Fat loss
  3. Having stamina to do more in a day : perform at work, play with the kids, entertain your spouse, work on your projects, exercise…
  4. Looking fantabulous!

Eating well is not just for looking good, it is also for living life to the fullest!

So back to why eating well is so challenging. It is because my mind has not made the connection that the PAIN of being lethargic, fat, full of illness, dissatisfied with my body, having mood swings due to not eating well is BIGGER than the temporary PAIN of missing out on a chocolate bar.

The big problem is we think short term (give me that cake now so I can feel good) rather than focus on what we KNOW to be the long term benefits of great health and vitality (I have so much energy to do all that I want in a day)

The thing is, ALL of us have 24 hours in a day. How are you going to live yours? Eat better now!

How? use the mind against itself. Make the pain of not eating better bigger than the pain of missing out on that cheeseburger. Think about it and write your reasons down. Remember think long term benefits and you know what? The beauty of the palate is that it adjusts itself over time and your old cravings will be replaced with better ones. I know because I crave broccoli every morning!