About me

My story is evolving all the time. Old ones fall off the field of view and new better ones crop up to take its rightful spot. It seems like a natural thing, the replacement of the old with the new, it is, but what’s not natural is the replacement for the bad with the better. Improvement requires action. no 2 ways about it. And the best way to take action is to begin in a good space physically and more importantly mentally.

This is why I write and share, selfishly for me to keep growing, but mainly for everyone who reads this blog to get inspired, and get challenged in the way we perceive the events that is happening to us. Most of the time a tiny change in perspective is all we need to motivate ourselves to act towards together with faith towards a dream.

I dare you my readers to dream BIG, and afterwards, to take MASSIVE action. Keep reading and growing!

Step up and be free.


Lots of love,

Sarah 🙂

ps: this blog used to be about veganism. I am still on a plant based diet but it has become ingrained in my life I decided to write about different things now. Eating plant based has done me a world of good and still is, so will definitely keep going for a bit until such time (if ever) comes that eating fish serves me better than not eating it at all. Thank you for your following so far!


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