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Quote of the day -3

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet – James Oppenheim


So many of us wish our lives away. Statements like “I wish you would spend more time with me” or “I wish the weekend is here now” leads us to discount the blessings that surrounds us now. It is close to impossible to be satisfied and fulfilled by  living in a made believe world or a wish in the future. Instead, feel the abundance that surrounds you, hear the laughter , and choose to see the good side of things. After all, there are always a few sides of the story, why not choose the one that serves you?

Food and nutrition

Quote of the Day – 2

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm – Winston Churchill


You deserve what you so desire in life. It does not matter where you are at the moment, it matters that your vision and dreams are bigger and better than where you are now. It matters that your dreams bring goodness to you, your family and your community. Most good results takes time to come into fruition , even with the correct actions for the job. Life is definitely a marathon. Do not give up on your dreams.


Food and nutrition

Daily post of wise words to keep the success coming!

This year I got a Christmas present that keeps giving the whole year round!

It’s a little calender with a quote a day. I am so pleased with it I have decided to share the quote and comments on a daily post for all of 2015!

Be Good to Yourself calender 1

As it is not the 4th of January, lets begin with this weekend’s quote :

” Love the moment. Flowers grow out of dark moments. Therefore, each moment is vital. It affects the whole. Life is a succession of such moments and to live each, is to succeed.” – Sister Corita Kent

Plan ahead and learn from the past, but do not live wishing today is different. Find the joy in what is going on in this moment. The easiest way to do this is to pause, step back and give thanks for the simple things you have right now.

Happy weekend everyone xx

Food and nutrition

Losing weight : which is more important, food or exercise?

Brocolli breakfast

This is what I have for breakfast these days. Lightly boiled with a splash of flaxseed oil and a sprinlkle of salt

In my opinion, food. Imagine our bodies as a semi-flexible vessel of energy. The key is to maintain the incoming and outgoing units in balance for consistent weight or have more outgoing than incomings. Simple. Unfortunately, for most of us, filling up this vessel is easier than emptying it, simply because eating is a much less demanding activity than moving our bodies!

If you need some scientific proof check out the longest run weight loss – nutrition study ever conducted at Deakin University by Prof. Tim Crowe at the link below:

Why do I bring this up now? Because I am on a fitness journey myself and eating well is proving to be more challenging than getting up for a workout! We get inundated with ads for exercise products with some nutrition elements tagged on at the back but feeding this machine well is paramount for any aim:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Fat loss
  3. Having stamina to do more in a day : perform at work, play with the kids, entertain your spouse, work on your projects, exercise…
  4. Looking fantabulous!

Eating well is not just for looking good, it is also for living life to the fullest!

So back to why eating well is so challenging. It is because my mind has not made the connection that the PAIN of being lethargic, fat, full of illness, dissatisfied with my body, having mood swings due to not eating well is BIGGER than the temporary PAIN of missing out on a chocolate bar.

The big problem is we think short term (give me that cake now so I can feel good) rather than focus on what we KNOW to be the long term benefits of great health and vitality (I have so much energy to do all that I want in a day)

The thing is, ALL of us have 24 hours in a day. How are you going to live yours? Eat better now!

How? use the mind against itself. Make the pain of not eating better bigger than the pain of missing out on that cheeseburger. Think about it and write your reasons down. Remember think long term benefits and you know what? The beauty of the palate is that it adjusts itself over time and your old cravings will be replaced with better ones. I know because I crave broccoli every morning!


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Choose health. Choose happiness.

 Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Our lives are crafted by the little decisions we constantly make throughout the day, everyday. Very often we make decisions based on truths learnt in the past or based on the general practise at that time. Did you ever pause and evaluate if that choice is the ultimate choice for your well being?

well being
Just because something has always been known to be or done a certain way does not make it right.It angers me that so many people (occasionally myself included) are not willing to challenge our ways of eating despite looming evidence not in the favour of that behaviour.
It all started when I was reading through the pages of John Robbins’s ” The Food Revolution”. In the book he reveals evidence after evidence of how meat and dairy consumption contributes to illness such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, loss of calcium thus bone strength, diabetes, etc. We have been inundated and influenced all our lives with skewed information about what we should be eating. Skewed because many of them are created by organisations with their best interest at heart, not ours. Since a little girl I was told that cow’s milk and dairy products are a great source of calcium and we should consume more for calcium that makes our bones string. Conversely, evidence has shown that bone fracture rates are several times higher in people with higher animal protein intake, that includes milk proteins, our supposedly main source of calcium!


 Dairy is nature’s perfect food, but only if you are a calf!- Dr. Mark Hyman (internationally recognised authority in the field of Functional Medicine)

Despite the proven health benefits of going plant based:

  • The majority of the human race are still consuming meat, dairy and seafood.
  • The majority of us are either ill or expect to fall ill at some point of our lives.
  • The majority of us accept that we will die from either cancer, cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases, etc.
  • The majority of us don’t exercise enough to feel fit.
  • The majority of us launch pursuits for happiness like travelling or shopping but ignore the one secret for lasting happiness – doing what needs to be done to increase your chances for optimal health.

I am not forcing anyone to go plant based. I however believe that it is only when the body is healthy and strong can we fully feel the pleasures of life. And going plant based is the most effective way I have seen so far.

There is choice. There are always alternatives to improve our current life situations. Do not settle for what you have now if you want something more. Do your research and try something new. You never know what is on the other end of the tunnel. I dabbled into veganism and the road was not always easy, but 12 months down the line I can now say it is worth it!
I feel stronger, I look leaner, my blood cholesterol level normalised and as a result definitely much happier!

Ps:I am reading John Robbins’s “The Food Revolution” now and it is indeed eye opening! Look out for a review and my learnings from the book soon!

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My body, my temple

I have been writing mostly on thinking right and behaving right as of late. Mentally I am doing well but my body keeps taking me down because it is in physical pain. For the past 3 days I have been on antibiotics and painkillers because of a toothache.

Think about this. All the good work of thinking forward, positive & strong and right now negativity is triumphing because of a toothache?!

So this got me thinking. I am frustrated at my body for not being able to sustain at the pace I intend for it to run at. My spirit is larger than my physical capacity! Can you see how our bodies are a vector, a vehicle that carries our desires, actions, results, happiness, sense of fulfillment and purpose….. So if our physical body is not in top running order, what are our chances of achieving the goodness that we are after (as above?)

I seem like a health nut, but I am really not. That is why I started this blog to encourage myself and others to be more aware of our health. But I am also learning that health is not just about the correct weight, correct body fat, absence of disease…the physical stuff. It is also about the mental stuff : controlled stress levels, patience for others, little worry, actions aligning with inner values….. Because without the mental stuff being right, all the physical wellbeing won’t matter, I will experience physical pain again, just like this massive toothache.

So wonderful readers, here is a video I use in the mornings to work on my physical temple, and then proceed to meditation to work on the inner temple.


Thank you Sean Vigue!