Insanity day 54 status update

3 glasses of water and I feel like I can drink more!

My body is radiating heat like a radiator on a low setting as I type this minutes after completing max interval circuit of the Insanity workout. Just felt the need to update you lovely readers on my progress, in case any of you was inspired enough to embark on the insanity journey with me!

I cannot lie. It has been tough. I did skip a day so therefore delayed my finish date by one day. ARGH, no excuses! must not do that again. Funnily enough, the last 3 days of insanity has been getting increasingly easier to do despite my general energy levels still low due to lack of sleep and work commitments. Maybe I am getting stronger!

Physique wise I am definitely toner, abs are visible and triceps forming. Waist is not getting any trimmer since the last drop in measurement but that’s still acceptable. A great thing is I can ascend the pedestrian overhead bridge staircase a lot quicker without losing breathe 🙂 and I thighs feel firmer.

Ok off to a well deserved shower and perhaps another apple to quench that thirst!

The difference between a good scientist and a great scientist is not so much skill, but discipline to push through – my boss

Keep pushing ! it is worth it!


I did not see this coming. I assumed it would get easier with time but last week I did not take care of myself well and all my efforts started to head South in the wrong direction!! Thank goodness I caught myself this morning and no more! I am back on track!

Choose health. Choose wellness. Live strong.



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Your mind plays tricks on you

5 weeks ago I weighed 5 pounds more and barely fitted into a UK size 10. Last weekend I attended my cousin’s wedding in a size 8 dinner gown. In the past I would laugh at the thought of me doing push ups. Now I can do 15.

Despite the clear improvements, I was still nervous going into the last 4 weeks of the INSANITY workout (by Shaun T) because I knew it was going to be a lot more challenging than before. My mind told me I would injure myself. My mind told me I was too tired. My mind told me not to push myself, to STAY RIGHT HERE, to watch out for the unknown because I might be wrong about this. Sounds familiar?

I woke up from a long slumber this morning dreading the workout as soon as I opened my eyes. But the warrior in me made a promise to see the programme through. I began chanting ‘ don’t think’ over and over again. I put the video on and began the warm up. The video crashes. I went on Youtube to find a better version and that crashes as well. I came back to my original video and the video image is lagging from the audio….. ARGH!


My back was aching and my legs started to shiver. I was yawning continuously in spite of my pounding heart. Shaun T’s commands ringing in the background.

Dig deeper. Don’t stop. Keep pushing.

I know the last 28 days of the Insanity workout will be a strong test of strength both mentally and physically. Nonetheless, this is a training ground for my mind to break boundaries and accept the unknown. The flat abs and strong arms I am developing is just an external manifestation of the greater fitness cultivated in my mind. The fitness to endure challenges in the pursuit of my life’s goals. So thank you Shaun T and team Beach body!!! Go go go!

Upon learning about my commitment to getting fit, many friends asked me for tips on what to do to get started. For me there is no foul proof formula. You just have to get up and go. Check the short video out of my journey of getting started to get fit. Good luck in getting stronger!

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Choose health. Choose happiness.

 Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Our lives are crafted by the little decisions we constantly make throughout the day, everyday. Very often we make decisions based on truths learnt in the past or based on the general practise at that time. Did you ever pause and evaluate if that choice is the ultimate choice for your well being?

well being
Just because something has always been known to be or done a certain way does not make it right.It angers me that so many people (occasionally myself included) are not willing to challenge our ways of eating despite looming evidence not in the favour of that behaviour.
It all started when I was reading through the pages of John Robbins’s ” The Food Revolution”. In the book he reveals evidence after evidence of how meat and dairy consumption contributes to illness such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, loss of calcium thus bone strength, diabetes, etc. We have been inundated and influenced all our lives with skewed information about what we should be eating. Skewed because many of them are created by organisations with their best interest at heart, not ours. Since a little girl I was told that cow’s milk and dairy products are a great source of calcium and we should consume more for calcium that makes our bones string. Conversely, evidence has shown that bone fracture rates are several times higher in people with higher animal protein intake, that includes milk proteins, our supposedly main source of calcium!


 Dairy is nature’s perfect food, but only if you are a calf!- Dr. Mark Hyman (internationally recognised authority in the field of Functional Medicine)

Despite the proven health benefits of going plant based:

  • The majority of the human race are still consuming meat, dairy and seafood.
  • The majority of us are either ill or expect to fall ill at some point of our lives.
  • The majority of us accept that we will die from either cancer, cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases, etc.
  • The majority of us don’t exercise enough to feel fit.
  • The majority of us launch pursuits for happiness like travelling or shopping but ignore the one secret for lasting happiness – doing what needs to be done to increase your chances for optimal health.

I am not forcing anyone to go plant based. I however believe that it is only when the body is healthy and strong can we fully feel the pleasures of life. And going plant based is the most effective way I have seen so far.

There is choice. There are always alternatives to improve our current life situations. Do not settle for what you have now if you want something more. Do your research and try something new. You never know what is on the other end of the tunnel. I dabbled into veganism and the road was not always easy, but 12 months down the line I can now say it is worth it!
I feel stronger, I look leaner, my blood cholesterol level normalised and as a result definitely much happier!

Ps:I am reading John Robbins’s “The Food Revolution” now and it is indeed eye opening! Look out for a review and my learnings from the book soon!

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My body, my temple

I have been writing mostly on thinking right and behaving right as of late. Mentally I am doing well but my body keeps taking me down because it is in physical pain. For the past 3 days I have been on antibiotics and painkillers because of a toothache.

Think about this. All the good work of thinking forward, positive & strong and right now negativity is triumphing because of a toothache?!

So this got me thinking. I am frustrated at my body for not being able to sustain at the pace I intend for it to run at. My spirit is larger than my physical capacity! Can you see how our bodies are a vector, a vehicle that carries our desires, actions, results, happiness, sense of fulfillment and purpose….. So if our physical body is not in top running order, what are our chances of achieving the goodness that we are after (as above?)

I seem like a health nut, but I am really not. That is why I started this blog to encourage myself and others to be more aware of our health. But I am also learning that health is not just about the correct weight, correct body fat, absence of disease…the physical stuff. It is also about the mental stuff : controlled stress levels, patience for others, little worry, actions aligning with inner values….. Because without the mental stuff being right, all the physical wellbeing won’t matter, I will experience physical pain again, just like this massive toothache.

So wonderful readers, here is a video I use in the mornings to work on my physical temple, and then proceed to meditation to work on the inner temple.


Thank you Sean Vigue!


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Inspirational Tuesday : Motivation to exercise. It is mind over matter

Source: via John on Pinterest


I hit the snooze button this morning and could barely pull myself out of bed. I got to the gym and was late for class so skipped it and did a shorter workout instead. Then I sat around and chatted with the trainers and finally left the gym without doing too much today.

I noticed I was losing my funk. I wanted to get inspired. Then I remembered Sister Madonna Buder of  Washington. Continue reading