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Quote of the Day – 2

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm – Winston Churchill


You deserve what you so desire in life. It does not matter where you are at the moment, it matters that your vision and dreams are bigger and better than where you are now. It matters that your dreams bring goodness to you, your family and your community. Most good results takes time to come into fruition , even with the correct actions for the job. Life is definitely a marathon. Do not give up on your dreams.


Food and nutrition

Daily post of wise words to keep the success coming!

This year I got a Christmas present that keeps giving the whole year round!

It’s a little calender with a quote a day. I am so pleased with it I have decided to share the quote and comments on a daily post for all of 2015!

Be Good to Yourself calender 1

As it is not the 4th of January, lets begin with this weekend’s quote :

” Love the moment. Flowers grow out of dark moments. Therefore, each moment is vital. It affects the whole. Life is a succession of such moments and to live each, is to succeed.” – Sister Corita Kent

Plan ahead and learn from the past, but do not live wishing today is different. Find the joy in what is going on in this moment. The easiest way to do this is to pause, step back and give thanks for the simple things you have right now.

Happy weekend everyone xx

Food and nutrition

Losing weight : which is more important, food or exercise?

Brocolli breakfast

This is what I have for breakfast these days. Lightly boiled with a splash of flaxseed oil and a sprinlkle of salt

In my opinion, food. Imagine our bodies as a semi-flexible vessel of energy. The key is to maintain the incoming and outgoing units in balance for consistent weight or have more outgoing than incomings. Simple. Unfortunately, for most of us, filling up this vessel is easier than emptying it, simply because eating is a much less demanding activity than moving our bodies!

If you need some scientific proof check out the longest run weight loss – nutrition study ever conducted at Deakin University by Prof. Tim Crowe at the link below:

Why do I bring this up now? Because I am on a fitness journey myself and eating well is proving to be more challenging than getting up for a workout! We get inundated with ads for exercise products with some nutrition elements tagged on at the back but feeding this machine well is paramount for any aim:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Fat loss
  3. Having stamina to do more in a day : perform at work, play with the kids, entertain your spouse, work on your projects, exercise…
  4. Looking fantabulous!

Eating well is not just for looking good, it is also for living life to the fullest!

So back to why eating well is so challenging. It is because my mind has not made the connection that the PAIN of being lethargic, fat, full of illness, dissatisfied with my body, having mood swings due to not eating well is BIGGER than the temporary PAIN of missing out on a chocolate bar.

The big problem is we think short term (give me that cake now so I can feel good) rather than focus on what we KNOW to be the long term benefits of great health and vitality (I have so much energy to do all that I want in a day)

The thing is, ALL of us have 24 hours in a day. How are you going to live yours? Eat better now!

How? use the mind against itself. Make the pain of not eating better bigger than the pain of missing out on that cheeseburger. Think about it and write your reasons down. Remember think long term benefits and you know what? The beauty of the palate is that it adjusts itself over time and your old cravings will be replaced with better ones. I know because I crave broccoli every morning!


Personal development

The “I-can’t-decide” symdrome

I talk to myself occasionally. I bet you do too. Don’t worry we are not going crazy. I am referring to that annoying little voice in your mind, the one that pretends to be your intellect but actually is the  master trickster. It creates in you self doubt and perpetuates your ‘sad’ story. The one about how difficult your life is, how unfair the world treats you and how all your friends have it better than you.

Sometimes our minds tell us that we : “can’t possibly do that” or “who am I to deserve this” or ” I don’t need it anyway, why bother?”

Why bother?! Because the pebble will not drop where you want it to if you keep dropping it where you are. Why bother?! Because change happens whether we like it or not and if we do not ACT on our intuition we are just waiting for something to go wrong. Sow maize and you’ll get maize. Bury potatoes and you shall harvest potatoes. Your present life situation is the result of your past thinking and actions. If you want a different tomorrow, a better tomorrow, do something different today. That is the only way. Stop making excuses about how difficult it will be given your present circumstances.

Right now if you are committing to your change, well done.

If you are not, ask yourself : ” Have I got a reason why I cannot take this action?”  I am sure you are either justifying why your life is too busy for the change and how you cant do it because you need more of something. OR you are blaming someone else for not enabling you to take that action.

STOP right NOW!!!

Do not justify, blame or shame yourself. Instead tell yourself that you are just experiencing a negative thought. You are not negative/lazy/incompetent. It is just the mind that is playing tricks. Repeat to yourself : ” This is just a negative thought” then tell yourself the complete opposite of the negative thought that you have just imagined. REMEMBER, you are not your negative thoughts. You can choose any thought you want to occupy your mind. You are not your thoughts or your mind. You choose what goes on in your head. Choose well and choose thoughts that support you.

I write this tonight as a piece of advice for people around me who are still thinking about how to improve their lives. Who are suffering from PARALYSIS of ANALYSIS. People who believe that they cannot decide, who are actually just too afraid to take the step out into the unknown. Fear is good, but inaction because of fear is not serving the purpose of fear. Fear is to raise caution, not to stop action.

Trust your gut. Listen to your instincts. Your feelings will guide you to the correct direction. Just calm your mind down and pay attention to the warm guidance of intuition. And YOU WILL BE OK.


Lots of love.




When you are struggling to make a decision or to figure something out and someone tells you to go sleep on it, YOU GO SLEEP ON IT!!

It is when we are asleep that the brain is doing this work of pulling everything together and seeing how it fits together, how it summarizes – Dr. Stickgold

Dr. Robert Stickgold, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in his TED talk explained the effect of sleep on our brain’s capacity on formulating new truths by connecting chunks of information.

We get creative intrusions more when we are asleep, not when we are awake. In his talk he share many experiments his students conducted where subjects showed between 2.5-10 times better performance on tasks between participants that had sleep and no sleep between the 2 ability tests.

At the very end of the talk, Dr. Stickgold highlights a VERY important point (in my view) in that the way the brain processes information is not as we expected, it is multi-level process that connects experiences and information from past and works out what that logic will mean to us going forwards : It predicts the meaning we give to our tomorrow and thus influences how we decide to act.

whole brain in sleep - Dr. Stickgold TED

Print screen of slide shown at Dr. Stickgold’s TEDx talk

Enjoy the talk!

So perhaps the Spanish are doing it right, go on, have a siesta! 🙂

Personal development

To live a good life……

one must keep learning in order to connect the dots.

Creative genius is not the accumulation of knowledge; it is the ability to see patterns in the universe, to detect hidden links between what is and what could be –  Richard Louv, author of “The Nature Principle”

connect the dots to create the beauty only you were meant to

connect the dots to create the beauty only you were meant to

I remember hearing this phrase of connecting the dots in Steve Job’s 2005 Stanford Commencement speech, where he spoke about how his decision to drop out of college eventually led to the typography that we take for granted in personal computers today. He later said that is was impossible to connect the dots looking forwards from his college days but it was clear looking backwards from today. Isn’t everything obvious in hindsight, but frustrating at the point of decision?

Have you heard of or felt moments when everything seems to be working in your favour? When everything is falling into pace? When your life is making sense now? So you are connecting the dots.

Connection will not happen if there were no dots to connect in the first place. But what results in the ‘correct’ dots ? If we cannot possibly make the connections looking forwards, then how could we ensure that we are creating the right dots?

I guess the answer is to take chances and follow your bliss. Allow change to happen and trust that it is happening for a reason. By all means do something, pursue what you want but don’t assume that by doing that you will get the outcome you want, the way you want it. Because we don’t know what could possibly be. Take a deep breath, move forwards and trust.

We all want to stand for something, to live a full life that has impacted not only our friends and family but also communities at large. In order to leave a legacy we need to allow for dots to emerge and trust that a greater knowing force will lead the way. Keep learning, keep growing, keep taking action towards your bliss, and I promise we will be better people than when we started off.

Art Linkletter summarised my thoughts perfectly in the closing of his speech at the Seminar of The Century back in 2007. He said:

I never want to be what I want to be, because there is always something out there yet for me. I get a kick out of living in the here and now but I never want to feel I know the best way how because there is always one hill higher, with a better view. Something waiting to be learned, I never knew. So til my days are over, never fully fill my cup, let me go on growing up. Don’t get old, grow old. Go back to college and take courses, try new things, look and see what your passion can do which has meaning for you for the rest of your life. – Art Linkletter

Art Linkletter- winner of an Emmy for a Lifetime Achievement Award

Art Linkletter- receiver of the Emmy for lifetime achievement award and receiver of the National Humanitarian Award