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Why you should listen even though you’ve heard it before.

Last night I went to a talk at YES Group Borders and came across 2 phrases that I have heard of countless of times before. My brain responded with a “I know that” and my interest started to dwindle. ” The Law of Attraction”. ” Your thoughts create your future” . OK if the law was true, show me the proof! AND SHOW DID HE! (all quotes are by Richard Batey)

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Richard Batey – Tattoo artist, speaker, inventor, designer, dad


Richard Batey stood in front of the crowd tense at first, sharing the story of his childhood and how he did not do well at school, how he did not conform to the mold of a good student and how he saw the world in his own ways, and lived it through his creative slant. I wondered where this story was going, and I began to wonder how could this child possibly be so fearless and so bold to live his interests, and I remembered how I had once lived mine too.

I could see it was possible.

Richard was obsessed with cars and drawing and the image of fire. He was obsessed with creating objects and eventually creating beautiful images. He would lose hours exploring what he loved. I admired him for continuing to live that way all the way through childhood. He seems to have this deep faith that he was meant to do what he enjoyed, that it is OK to do what he loves despite all the objection around him.  I remember a long time ago I lived this way too, free from limitations as I stood in front of audiences to tell stories and recite poems at the age of 6, I earned my first wage at 10 doing a voice over of a cartoon, I spoke to strangers because I wanted to make friends…… and then I learnt the concept of lack, the concept of comparison and the concept of non-deserving.

All the time I knew I would be learning the skills to do the things to achieve this dream.

Richard was no car designer, but he taught himself how to weld and spray paint, and eventually got to the top of his game by competing amongst the nation’s best. He started already KNOWING that he had much to learn. He took action knowing the gap needed closing. HE DID NOT WAIT FOR ALL THE DUCKS TO LINE UP. He set a goal and went for it fearlessly. From this I learnt that success is created along the way, it is earned. Waiting to be ‘skilled enough’ before beginning to pursue a dream is an excuse or a blame. I will never be good enough to start because there is no such thing. There is no qualification required to begin acting on any dream. It is about taking the first step.

 It ain’t what you do it is how you do it.

Richard reminded me that we all have our place in this world, we can sell the same thing or service but when we operate out of passion, whatever you do works. I got reminded that when someone is in their flow, they will offer to humanity what is uniquely theirs to offer and people will want a piece of it, because it originates from creative passion and not greed.

Learn the rules of the game. If you are going to play the game you have to know the rules. I failed because I have not learnt the rules of the game.

Our modern world is made up of sets of rules. There are rules governing economy, rules within cultures, rules about human behavior, rules controlling bodily functions and metabolism. If you want to succeed in this game of life, then learn the rules. Start young and keep learning. Accept that you are smart but the more you become aware of information the better at maneuvering life you get.


Everyone is going to hit the bottom. Prepare yourself for the hit and prepare yourself for where you will bounce to. It is the attitude that you hit the bottom that decides how high you are going to bounce and the goal is the direction. If you are a deflated ball, you will roll into the gutter. You HAVE to bounce not roll, and having a goal is going to drive you to bounce.

This has GOT to be my favourite quote of the night. A failure is not a failure unless you say it is one. One thing I noticed about Richard is that he never undermines himself. His reply to a ‘failure’ is : “what did I not know about that? What have I got to learn to succeed next time?” How different is that to our usual : “My life sucks, I always get into these situations, people always do this to me, I have tried and it is too difficult, this is just the way my life is” (ok this is not a quote from Richard)

So my friends, you may be thinking by now…. What has the Law of Attraction got to do with all those?

The Law of Attraction in one sentence basically states that anything you can think of will happen in your life – good or bad. Richard demonstrated how his clear thought of a goal in his head has lead to situations and people that have entered his life to take him closer to his dreams. He showed us that deep faith in your dreams and acting in the direction of your passions will ultimately lead you to a life you enjoy living, and one of abundance. It is possible. What you want is possible. You just need to see it in your minds eye, visualise, believe , feel it in you, ACT when the opportunities present themselves to you, continue to be open to what could be possible and live life boldly. It is ok to have some fear but you must ride the waves, and eventually you will learn how to predict the waves and prepare for them better, or perhaps you will just learn how to bounce back harder, and that is where fear dissolves, and we get to live in freedom.

What a beautiful thought this is.




Personal development

Quote of the day -6

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If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your lovely face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely – Roald Dahl

Have you ever accurately guessed someone’s personality and tendencies of being just by looking at them? They say the camera doesn’t lie, I think the face doesn’t lie. The snapshot of a camera merely captures a moment in time, where the face is frozen in a state of emotion that is predominant in that period of a person’s life. In other words, we are what we think about most of the time. If we think good thoughts of joy, giving, gratitude and love, then we are happy, generous, appreciative and content. If we think about all the things we do not have and wish to have in life, we will operate out of a space of frustration, anger, envy and greed.

By all means aim high and work hard towards your goals, be your own competition and seek to grow and improve, but also remember to be thankful of all the things that you have around you and celebrate your wins. Think good thoughts and be kind to others, and you will see and experience greater gifts in your days. Life will reveal to you abundance in everything you do.


Personal development

Quote of the day -5

Dream big

Today I ask that you do not limit yourself. I ask that you let go of the fear of being different. I ask that you let go of the fear of failure to get what you want. I ask that you let go of the fear of being disappointed.

People say: ” Your goals must be realistic”. What is “realistic” anyway? Was the 4 minute mile realistic before Roger Bannister ran it? Was commercial aircrafts “realistic” before the Wright Brothers took flight for the first time? Were smart phones realistic back in the day when mobile networks had not yet existed?

Your big dreams are most likely the most compelling. They are the ones that will get you up in the morning and keep you up late at night to find a solution for. They are the ones that will set your direction of growth and fuel your desire to be better.

Whilst dreaming big is good, acting big is better. Compliment the dream with actions. Action is the bridge between dreams and reality.

Dream big, Act BIGGER.



Personal development

The “I-can’t-decide” symdrome

I talk to myself occasionally. I bet you do too. Don’t worry we are not going crazy. I am referring to that annoying little voice in your mind, the one that pretends to be your intellect but actually is the  master trickster. It creates in you self doubt and perpetuates your ‘sad’ story. The one about how difficult your life is, how unfair the world treats you and how all your friends have it better than you.

Sometimes our minds tell us that we : “can’t possibly do that” or “who am I to deserve this” or ” I don’t need it anyway, why bother?”

Why bother?! Because the pebble will not drop where you want it to if you keep dropping it where you are. Why bother?! Because change happens whether we like it or not and if we do not ACT on our intuition we are just waiting for something to go wrong. Sow maize and you’ll get maize. Bury potatoes and you shall harvest potatoes. Your present life situation is the result of your past thinking and actions. If you want a different tomorrow, a better tomorrow, do something different today. That is the only way. Stop making excuses about how difficult it will be given your present circumstances.

Right now if you are committing to your change, well done.

If you are not, ask yourself : ” Have I got a reason why I cannot take this action?”  I am sure you are either justifying why your life is too busy for the change and how you cant do it because you need more of something. OR you are blaming someone else for not enabling you to take that action.

STOP right NOW!!!

Do not justify, blame or shame yourself. Instead tell yourself that you are just experiencing a negative thought. You are not negative/lazy/incompetent. It is just the mind that is playing tricks. Repeat to yourself : ” This is just a negative thought” then tell yourself the complete opposite of the negative thought that you have just imagined. REMEMBER, you are not your negative thoughts. You can choose any thought you want to occupy your mind. You are not your thoughts or your mind. You choose what goes on in your head. Choose well and choose thoughts that support you.

I write this tonight as a piece of advice for people around me who are still thinking about how to improve their lives. Who are suffering from PARALYSIS of ANALYSIS. People who believe that they cannot decide, who are actually just too afraid to take the step out into the unknown. Fear is good, but inaction because of fear is not serving the purpose of fear. Fear is to raise caution, not to stop action.

Trust your gut. Listen to your instincts. Your feelings will guide you to the correct direction. Just calm your mind down and pay attention to the warm guidance of intuition. And YOU WILL BE OK.


Lots of love.




When you are struggling to make a decision or to figure something out and someone tells you to go sleep on it, YOU GO SLEEP ON IT!!

It is when we are asleep that the brain is doing this work of pulling everything together and seeing how it fits together, how it summarizes – Dr. Stickgold

Dr. Robert Stickgold, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in his TED talk explained the effect of sleep on our brain’s capacity on formulating new truths by connecting chunks of information.

We get creative intrusions more when we are asleep, not when we are awake. In his talk he share many experiments his students conducted where subjects showed between 2.5-10 times better performance on tasks between participants that had sleep and no sleep between the 2 ability tests.

At the very end of the talk, Dr. Stickgold highlights a VERY important point (in my view) in that the way the brain processes information is not as we expected, it is multi-level process that connects experiences and information from past and works out what that logic will mean to us going forwards : It predicts the meaning we give to our tomorrow and thus influences how we decide to act.

whole brain in sleep - Dr. Stickgold TED

Print screen of slide shown at Dr. Stickgold’s TEDx talk

Enjoy the talk!

So perhaps the Spanish are doing it right, go on, have a siesta! 🙂

My lovely cousin’s wife shared this excellent video about living your dream on her facebook page yesterday. It is a video by the guys as Inknowation, brilliantly conceptualized and illustrated!

The way to achieve your goals is to dream of what you want, put an expiration date to your dream and then WORK to achieve it

So many of us feel stuck in our lives because we have followed other people’s definitions of what life should be : work hard, live how other people have lived, don’t take risks. This is fine if you can find happiness and fulfillment after doing just that. But the fact that you feel stuck suggest otherwise. We are all made to serve a purpose in your lifetime, whatever that purpose may be, it is one that brings some amount of goodness to the people and environment around you.

Don’t be afraid I say, don’t worry that you will never be fulfilled, don’t worry that you will never find your purpose or never achieve your dream. There is enough in the universe for each and everyone of us to achieve our dreams. Worry less about the outcome, it will drive you mad (perfectionist, you know what I am talking about). Just take a step, for it is the journey to your dream that matters, it is the journey that fulfills, and it is this very journey that will mold you into the best  person you can be.

And that is the magic zone as stated in the video. Where dreams become a reality.

Happy Tuesday my lovely readers. Now go be inspired!