Watch the video if you want to learn how to go from not knowing anything at all about a skill to being rather good at it in 20 hours. Josh Kaufman explains the findings of his 2 year research on the subject of learning a new skill….


Key points :

1) Contrary to popular belief, it does not take 10000 hours to learn and be good at a new skill, it takes round about 20 hours. This works out to 40 minutes everyday, for a month. This figure will  vary from person to person, but it is around this order of magnitude!

2) There is a system to learn effectively :

  • Step 1 : Be CLEAR about what you want to achieve at the end of it. When you imagine that you have learnt the skill, what does it look like? what needs to happen before you can say you have mastered the skill? what can you now do?
  • Step 2 : Break the objective down into smaller sub skills. He gives an example of learning how to play golf. It takes different skills to drive and to putt. Recognize the differences, practice them in sub sets, and pick the subskill that is most impactful for results and start with that first.
  • Step 3: Find resources to help you. Books, CDs, a coach, mentors….. Do your research. Pick 3-5 resources and identify the patterns that are similar to identify what is important. Then self correct!
  • Step 4: Removing barriers to practice. Remember set yourself up to win. If this skill is really that important, it deserves your focus and time. Honour your practice time.
  • Step 5 : Precommit to giving the 20 hours of focused practise time. This helps you evaluate if this skill is really important to you. This also helps you get over the barrier of frustration in skill acquisition.

3) This is not rocket science, it is something that we have been doing in all kinds of skill acquisition, not many of us have done it in such a deliberate strategic way.


When you are struggling to make a decision or to figure something out and someone tells you to go sleep on it, YOU GO SLEEP ON IT!!

It is when we are asleep that the brain is doing this work of pulling everything together and seeing how it fits together, how it summarizes – Dr. Stickgold

Dr. Robert Stickgold, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in his TED talk explained the effect of sleep on our brain’s capacity on formulating new truths by connecting chunks of information.

We get creative intrusions more when we are asleep, not when we are awake. In his talk he share many experiments his students conducted where subjects showed between 2.5-10 times better performance on tasks between participants that had sleep and no sleep between the 2 ability tests.

At the very end of the talk, Dr. Stickgold highlights a VERY important point (in my view) in that the way the brain processes information is not as we expected, it is multi-level process that connects experiences and information from past and works out what that logic will mean to us going forwards : It predicts the meaning we give to our tomorrow and thus influences how we decide to act.

whole brain in sleep - Dr. Stickgold TED

Print screen of slide shown at Dr. Stickgold’s TEDx talk

Enjoy the talk!

So perhaps the Spanish are doing it right, go on, have a siesta! 🙂

I did not see this coming. I assumed it would get easier with time but last week I did not take care of myself well and all my efforts started to head South in the wrong direction!! Thank goodness I caught myself this morning and no more! I am back on track!

Choose health. Choose wellness. Live strong.



Tell me of a person that is a master at something on the first attempt? How many times have we heard the saying “practice makes perfect?” Ever asked why practice makes perfect?

This is Blair Singer’s (author of Sales Dogs and incredible teacher/leader) attempt to explain it to us at Master Facilitator Programme:

by the way, the video was created by me using Sparkol VideoScribe, enjoy!

My lovely cousin’s wife shared this excellent video about living your dream on her facebook page yesterday. It is a video by the guys as Inknowation, brilliantly conceptualized and illustrated!

The way to achieve your goals is to dream of what you want, put an expiration date to your dream and then WORK to achieve it

So many of us feel stuck in our lives because we have followed other people’s definitions of what life should be : work hard, live how other people have lived, don’t take risks. This is fine if you can find happiness and fulfillment after doing just that. But the fact that you feel stuck suggest otherwise. We are all made to serve a purpose in your lifetime, whatever that purpose may be, it is one that brings some amount of goodness to the people and environment around you.

Don’t be afraid I say, don’t worry that you will never be fulfilled, don’t worry that you will never find your purpose or never achieve your dream. There is enough in the universe for each and everyone of us to achieve our dreams. Worry less about the outcome, it will drive you mad (perfectionist, you know what I am talking about). Just take a step, for it is the journey to your dream that matters, it is the journey that fulfills, and it is this very journey that will mold you into the best  person you can be.

And that is the magic zone as stated in the video. Where dreams become a reality.

Happy Tuesday my lovely readers. Now go be inspired!

Your body changes in real time based on the food you feed it. Your metabolism slows down after a fatty meal. Please read on.

Start at minute 29:45 to understand how you can speed up your metabolism to burn more calories.

Easiest to understand explanation of influencing calorie burning I have received.

Summary to this section of the video:

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